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1. Library Working Hours : From:To:
2. Has separate reading section set up? : : Yes No
3. Is separate reference section set up for teachers? : : Yes No
4. Are books issued to students? : Yes No
If yes, No. of books issued and period for which issued :
5. Is internet facility available in the Library? : Yes No
6. Is internet facility provided to teachers? : Yes No
7. Is internet facility provided to pupils? : Yes No
8. Is Library Management Software used? : Yes No
9. Is facility for video conference available? : Yes No
10. No. of Islamic Books available :
11. Is there a library budget? : Yes No

Table 9. Particulars of Library

Books as on 01-04-2018
Additions in 2018
No. of News Papers subscribed
No. of Science Journals subscribed
No. of Literary Journals subscribed
No. of E- journals subscribed